Our commitment to sustainability is implemented by offering eco-friendly products made from recycled materials. We believe in being environmentally responsible and are dedicated to shaping a green future for all.
More eco-friendly, mild and easy way when transporting to every corner of each city. ​

Acer ES Series 3


Acer ES Series 5


Made From Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic
Perfect for more than just the eco-conscience user, sustainable PCR plastics are eco-friendly and help reduce landfill waste.

Acer Vero Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Acer Vero Essential Backpack


Acer Vero Pure Backpack


Acer Vero Sleeve


Acer Vero Organizer


Acer Vero Travel Wallet

Made From Ocean Bound Plastic
Let’s turn OBP waste into productivity tools to make a positive impact on the environment.

Acer Vero OBP Briefcase


Acer Vero OBP Backpack


Acer Vero OBP Sleeve


Acer Vero OBP Keychain


Eco-friendly Packaging
A combination of recycled paper with an innovative design is used to replace plastic packing material.