Acer Gadget Smart Micromobility Products X Acer ITS Smart Fenceless Parking Lot Solution

The Innovative Duo Participated in the Smart Transportation Pavilion of TAITRA's Taiwan Expo in Japan 2023

Acer subsidiaries Acer Gadget and Acer ITS have collaborated to exhibit a series of smart transportation products at the Taiwan Expo in Japan 2023 held by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Japan, from 9–11 November. Acer Gadget is showcasing the ebii, an AI-powered smart e-bike, and the Acer eKinekt, a bike desk, while Acer ITS is showcasing its fenceless smart parking solution. These products represent the companies' insights and innovation strategies in future transportation, along with their commitment to sustainability and the development of environmentally friendly, efficient, and humane transportation solutions.

Allen Jong, President of Acer Gadget, expressed that: "Smart micromobility products are the core strategy of Acer Gadget. From e-scooters to e-bikes, behind all our products is a commitment to creating smart lifestyles through technology. At Acer Gadget, we empower our products through our ICT R&D spirit to truly integrate the concept of smart living into each and every ride, and our micromobility app aims to provide users with a more convenient experience. We believe that through hardware-software integration, we can bring more convenience and innovation to daily life."

Kenny Yu, General Manager of Acer ITS, noted: "In line with Acer Group's ESG sustainable development goals, Acer ITS has continued to promote multiple payment application technologies in all walks of life. We will use Taiwan Expo in Japan as a platform to promote smart parking solutions with integrated payment options, charging stations, and fenceless smart parking lot technologies to the Japanese market. Our solution effectively reduces parking lot congestion, improves parking lot revenue, provides motorists with a fast and convenient parking experience, reduces carbon emissions, and drives low-carbon and sustainable development to meet ESG goals."

Acer Gadget — Smart Micromobility Products
Acer Gadget's eKinekt bike desk has attracted much attention in the Smart Transportation Pavilion and is also being showcased in the Smart Office Display Area, showcasing its varied applications. This unique blend of an exercise bike and height-adjustable desk allows users to exercise while working and generate kinetic energy from their workout. At a pedal speed of 60RPM, a single hour of continued pedaling can generate around 75Wh of electricity to charge laptops and mobile devices. Both the desk and structural exterior are made from recycled PCR plastic. The bike desk also comes with a dedicated mobile app to record a variety of exercise data.

Acer Gadget's AI-powered smart e-bike, ebii, won Japan's Good Design Award 2023 and was recognized by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2023. Its accompanying app, ebiiGO, has also received recognition, winning awards in the international Red Dot Brands & Communication Design awards. Equipped with deep learning capabilities, ebii can accurately analyze and provide optimal suggestions based on user riding habits to deliver an excellent riding experience. The bike also comes equipped with the ebiiRide power distribution feature and a convenient and easy-to-replace battery design to ensure that users always have the best riding experience. Ebii features a simple and streamlined visual design with an eye-catching appearance.

Debuting at Taiwan Expo in Japan 2023, the Acer eCity-R e-bike is another innovation from Acer Gadget into the micromobility sector. Its accompanying app, Acer eMobility, provides a series of practical features. Users can view their total riding distance, speed, assistance mode, battery status, and other details to get an understanding of their bike status in real time, ensuring a safe riding experience.

Acer Gadget has also been breaking into micromobility with its e-scooters. The new Acer ES Series 1 e-scooter meets the needs of urban commuting and short-distance travel with a weight of only 11kg, making it incredibly convenient to carry and store. The e-scooter's 36V/250W drive motor ensures strong propulsion and a smooth riding experience. Its maximum cruising range is 23km, fully meeting the needs of short-distance travel.

Acer ITS — Smart Fenceless Parking Lot Solution
Acer ITS' smart fenceless parking lot solution is a huge boon for owners of small- and medium-sized parking lots with ten or fewer parking spaces. In Japan's Kanto region, where land is at a premium, the solution helps owners maximize their land use. As the solution does not require the erection of entrance or exit gates, space that would otherwise be used for gates can be used for more parking space instead, effectively increasing revenue. Smart parking bollards accurately monitor the status of all parking spaces, improving spatial utilization, while charging stations can also be included to provide a full range of vehicle charging services. As the solution's pay stations are equipped with multiple payment option technology, motorists do not need to pay with cash. Parking and charging fees can be paid on-site with e-tickets and mobile payments, creating a mutually beneficial, convenient, efficient, low-carbon, and sustainable solution for parking lot owners and motorists.